Alternative Healing Kit

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These alternative healing kits pick up where our ultralight first aid kit stops; going beyond treating just physical injuries to give you comprehensive spiritual care. Using the latest in BS (bike science), our kits will keep your chakras aligned even on the most challenging trails.

Homeopathic care kit

Up until now we’d been purely focused on Western medicine, putting our trust in things like  ‘evidence’ and ‘facts’. After trawling through some eye-opening message boards though we’ve realised that there are entire branches of medicine that we’d previously overlooked. To ensure our customers are covered for any type of injury, we’ve developed an ultralight homeopathy kit for the open-minded adventure junkie.

To use the homeopathic first aid kit, simply take a sample of whatever has caused your injury (eg. rock, tree, bear) and add it to a vial of water. Dilute twice for minor grazes or up to four times for life-threatening injuries, then apply to the affected area.

The kit includes all of your homeopathic essentials:

  • 2x glass vials for potion preparation
  • 1 pair tweezers for sample collection
  • 1 eye dropper to measure dosage

Healing crystal kit

As any spiritual mountain biker will know, riders can sustain more than just physical injuries - if you frequently find your chakra fading on the trails then we recommend our healing crystal kit.

Our specially-designed crystal kit features seven different precious stones to suit any vague ailments:

  • Blue - treats anxiety
  • Orange - for general unease
  • Purple - effective against jitters
  • Green - soothes turmoil
  • Red - lessens nervousness
  • White - reduces disquiet
  • Brown - use for agitation

What’s more, there’s also room in the kit to add your preferred essential oils for comprehensive cover.

As with any form of first aid, knowledge is your best defense. To better help the riding community we’ve made our alternative medicine quick-sheet free to download.

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Not T.
United States United States
The Bee's knees!

Of course no real bee's knees went into this, I hope... and I doubt it could help a bee with a broken knee... but these products left my chakras buzzing with so much energy, I'd swear I could fly! However I can't actually fly, as I wrecked in Morzine and tore my arm straight off. I did as the kit said, but it wouldn't reattach or grow a new one. I don't believe this is a problem with the kit, as I purchased both, and the other riders had a good time. I feel that my negative energy in the moment sent shockwaves out from my blood-spurting, near fatal wound, and that pushed the calming poultice's power away. 5 stars, would give more if I could -- next time I'll follow directions better!

New Zealand New Zealand
The Green Crystal is awesome

The included Green crystal is perfect for when I fly into one of my trailside Karen tantrums, it calms me straight away. I would love the next version to include a foil helmet cover to keep me safe from 5g radiation while riding near cellphone towers.